Known for its consistently rich flavor, La Dalia green coffee beans have a distinctive taste with complex tones of chocolate and almond-like flavor.

Region: Nicaragua- Central America
Growing Altitude: 1,100 – 1,200 meters
Variety: Arabica
Harvest Period: November – March
Milling Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried, and Hand Selected
Flavor: Chocolate, Rose Pedals, Almond-like


Green Coffee Ratings

Known for its potent sweetness and powerful character, La Dalia green coffee tasting notes proves it has an enhance cup presence, exhibiting powerful flavor notes with a distinct chocolate, rose petal, and almond-like aftertaste with a full body.    

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The coffee from our farm, in Nicaragua, is harvested every year and the coffee we provide is always fresh from the latest season. Each season starts in late October and finishes by February and sometimes it can be extended to the first two weeks of March. This is mainly due to the high elevation because the weather plays an important role for each plant. The higher the elevation the colder it gets. Especially during this months, since we are during the winter season and it rains almost all day, every day. 

Green Coffee Grown at Finca La Flor

Our farm is located in the deep mountains of Peñas Blancas. It has an elevation ranging from 1,100 meters to 1,200 meters above sea level in the large Isabelia Mountain Range. This high altitude means that our coffee grows slowly, allowing the perfect time to develop and adding all the nutrients to each coffee bean.

The wet milling process is done at the farm with fresh water that runs through the many creeks around the farm. This avoids coffee contamination and the water used is filtered so that no harm is produced to the environment. Then, coffee is transported to a dry mill where is naturally sun-dried. When the beans decrease their humidity to 11%, coffee is ready to follow its process until is ready to export. 

Sorting Process

We strive really hard, each time we process our coffee, to leave it as neat as possible. sorting coffeeThe maximum defects we leave are from 4-6 per each 300g. In order to get to this point, coffee is digitally sorted and then it goes through the many hands of women hired to maximize the process and avoid off-taste.


Also, sorting is done by size, and the screen number 18-20 are the ones used to qualify our beans. The bigger the size the better the quality of the cup.

Green coffee from La Dalia Coffee is brought to you by a carefully watched process, that starts at the farm and that goes through many eyes that make sure you are getting the best quality coffee there is. Plus, you help in the development of each family involved since we are creating dignified jobs.