How Does Altitude Affect the Coffee you Drink?

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When you purchase your cup of coffee and ask about the coffee profile your about to drink, many baristas give an extended answers including the elevation at which the coffee was grown. But why is this so important and how does it really affect your served coffee?

The main impact of elevation on coffee is its size, the higher the altitude the bigger the bean you are going to get. Also depending on the variety, the size of the coffee changes. Per example, a variety named catimor in an elevation of 1300 m over sea level will be smaller than a ¨maragojipe¨ harvested in 1000 m over sea level because maragojipe beans are naturally larger than most varieties. However, a catimor in a 1000 m elevation will be significantly smaller than the same catimore in 1300 m.

Another important impact of elevation in coffee is its taste. When the coffee you drink has follow the right process; meaning picking the coffee by hand and do not let it touch the ground, giving the proper fermentation period before washed, cleaning each bean properly, sundry the beans naturally and then finishing the process in the dry mill correctly will assure the best taste. With all these completed, a coffee with high elevation will produce more acidic, aromatic, and flavorful cup of coffee than we certainly love. On the other hand, lower elevation coffee tends to have lower acidity with poor character in the cup so it does not taste as good as the others.

Moreover, elevation will determine which profiles coffee will have. Altitudes over 1200 m are ranked as ¨high altitude¨, the coffee profiles you´ll find are chocolate, citrus, vanilla, and nut. However, lower altitudes under 900 m are considered ¨medium altitude¨ and the profiles that you can find are only smooth and sweet.

For all these fantastic reasons, baristas always remember to mention elevation each time someone ask about the coffee profile they about to drink. At La Dalia Coffee we bring high altitude coffee beans from our farm in Nicaragua which has an elevation of 1200 m over sea level, so we assure you a great cup of coffee with full body and flavor. Don´t hesitate to reach us so you can taste what a real cup of coffee should taste like.