Coffee seeds and roots

How to select the best coffee seeds and roots?

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In order to have a strong and rich coffee tree during each season, the best coffee seeds have to be selected from the rest. And certain procedures have to be followed in order to get them; otherwise, the trees dry out or worst, they grow as the rest but once they reach maturity, the tree falls down due to the extra weight that it has to carry and the lack of roots to hold it together. Therefore, selecting great coffee seeds save you a lot of time and money because remember that coffee trees take 4 years to be fully developed.

The coffee seed selecting period begins in the middle of the cropping season because it is the best time to pick the best cherries. In a tree, we look for cherries that are in the mid section of the tree and within those, we only pick the ones that are in the middle of the branch as well. This is due to the fact that beans located in the mid-section are richer than the rest. After that, we have to leave them in a cool place to take the excess of water out, but always leaving them humid so they can grow after.

After the coffee seeds are picked, what follows is the hand selecting process. The seeds to avoid are the snail and triangular shape, broken beans, and those affected by the borer beetle. Because if you plant an snail shape bean then you will get a coffee tree with different shape leaf and zero berries during its entire life. Also, if you plant a triangular shape bean then you will get a tree producing 1/3 of a regular coffee tree. This is due because they only have one bean inside the berry instead of two. And for the rest that are broken and those affected by borer beetles are dead beans so you won´t see any plant coming out of those seeds.

Another important stage in selecting the best trees is by its roots. Once you have the seeds growing and they are ready to be transplanted from the nursery bed to the bags, roots play the main role. The best roots are those that are straight, white color and fully develop. Because those that have darkened or brownish color roots have been damaged by fungal infection. Roots that are curved have to be avoided as well since they will grow in beautiful coffee trees with a fully rich crop but, as explained in the beginning, they will fall down before the cherries are fully developed. In this scenario, you will have to change the tree for a new one but have to wait another 3 years for it to grow again.

The best time for a coffee farmer is when you see the first cherries in a coffee tree, even if they are few. You take pride in all the hard work that took to make that possible and everytime you passed by the trees you remember all those who help you make them grow as strong as they are. So seeing a beautiful field of coffee with some fall down is a headache you want to avoid, the reason why choosing the best seeds from beginning to end is crucial.