How water affects coffee taste

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80% of our bodies is water and the same goes for your cup of coffee, most of it is water. Therefore, if you either use tap water or filter water for your coffee, be sure that the taste will vary.  For many people, their morning cup is essential to have a productive day and having the best coffee is a must. So here is how water affects coffee taste.

How tap water affects coffee taste

Tap water affects coffee tasteBecause of accessibility, tap water is the most popular used. But, remember that depending on where you’re located in the globe, tap water will taste different. Even short distance from a city to its suburbs. As mentioned by the Live Science “almost all well water is groundwater, municipal water may come from surface sources, such as rivers and lakes, or a combination of sources” and the time it takes to go to the treatment pipes and to your house pipes “can influence the taste that comes out of the tap”.

Therefore, if you use tap water thinking that the boiling process of making your coffee will get read of all the impurities, then think twice because water affects coffee taste.  Tap water has minerals that will leave your coffee with an acidic or metallic taste so try to avoid it. Instead, use boil water to make a better tasting cup. When boiling the water before using it for making coffee, all the chlorine is removed living a better tasting cup of coffee.

How filter water affects coffee taste

Filter water affects coffee taste Another common water use for making coffee is filter water or bottled water. For most cases is the purer tasting cup of coffee you can have. However, consider the “hardness” of it, since the additional calcium and magnesium minerals that can be found in bottled water are too high, sometimes. To make sure you are using the right water, look for “softer” water. Softer water will avoid the bitter taste of hard water and you will get the coffee taste desired.

In case of filter water, you can make some testing at your home. You can also call a professional to make sure that the mineral levels are regulated.

As can be seen, water plays an important role in the taste of your cup of coffee. At La Dalia Coffee we want to provide you with the best tips to maximize the experience with your morning cup. For we know how vital a cup of coffee can be.

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