truly good coffee, direct from the farm

Specialty-grade coffee, grown on our family farm in Nicaragua,
and delivered straight to your door.


Single-Origin Beans

Micro-Roasted On Order

No Middleman

Your typical coffee is
chock-full of more than flavor

Unhealthy and unsustainble production practices

Mass-produced beans from multiple sources

People who receive too little for their labor

We’re shaking things up around here

We grow the coffee we sell, so you
can feel good about great coffee:


  • See where your coffee comes from
  • Know where your money goes
  • Drink really, really good coffee

From Our Family Farm To Your Cup

Coffee Bean

Your beans are grown using sustainable practices and carefully prepared by real humans, on our family-farm in Nicaragua.

Coffee Bean

When they get our Master Taster's stamp-of-love, we send them directly to our Roasting House in California.

Coffee Bean

You choose your brew and we micro-roast it on order, pop it in a bag and send it directly to your door.

“I used to think I had to choose between quality and convenience, and making an impact. Then I discovered La Dalia. I love that they’re taking on the coffee industry and I get to be part of that effort. Plus, they’re coffee is awesome! Win. Win. Win.”

The La Dalia Difference

We sell the coffee we grow.
Every bag contains only our beans.
We never use a middleman.
What you see on the label is what you get.
We care about our coffee, but we’re not snobs about it.

Better Coffee For A Better World

Here’s how we’re changing the world, one bean at a time.

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Wanna make the best cup of coffee you've ever had? At home. Grab this video series, where our very own Master Brewer shares his secrets.

Be a disruptor.    Do more good.    Drink awesome coffee.