According to NASA, the global temperature has increased by 1.9 F since 1880 and it will continue to rise because of global warming. It is the right time to act to minimize the impact of global warming by saving a tree. The use of coffee logs is one of the small steps towards protecting our earth. Coffee logs are environment-friendly and better than wood.

A random estimate has come where each of these logs delivers at least 25 cups of coffee. All these come from different coffee shops, restaurants, universities, airports, offices, coffee factories, and even at popular railway stations across the UK. These are a perfect alternative to conventional wood and come with satisfying productivity.

These smell like coffee when not burned and a typical wood smell when set on fire.

About Coffee Logs and Its Advantages

Coffee logs are one of the efficient and productive fire logs for usual wood burners. These are useful alternative fuels and are derived naturally. These logs are made using recycled coffee materials, these have considerable plus points to their properties, including,

  • More Heat: Unlike conventional wood logs, these coffee logs burn up about 20% faster than dry wood.
  • Productivity Assurance: Coffee logs burns over 20% longer than a conventional wood of that size. This is more productive in cooking items, requiring more heating time. Some preparations requiring simmering for longer durations can setting without any fuss.
  • Ecofriendly Property: Coffee logs do a great deal in emitting reduced greenhouse gases. This cuts down the levels of a large carbon footprint, which is a by-product of heating products. As per an estimate, coffee logs cut down the release of 80% on regular greenhouse gases.
  • Curbs Waste: One more property of these Logs is the reduction of wastes that are sent to landfills and eventually waste residue.
  • Perfect Alternative: Coffee logs are considered among the best alternatives to conventional wood burners and multi-fuel stoves available today.

Future Prospects

Coffee logs are set to stand as a perfect alternative for wood as a useful fuel option. Although they cannot be used for open-air food preparation, it is ideal for indoor burn fireplace. Besides, coffee logs are available in recyclable packages. Before using them, ensure to read rules of usage and preservation, since these are vulnerable to certain conditions and specifications.  Together, let us keep our earth green.