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Pairing Coffee With... - La Dalia Coffee

Coffee is a delicious drink if it is done right, and with the right pairing of food, it becomes ultra-delicious. There are many ways you can do these pairings, but we’ll share the popular ones. So without ado, we shall enlighten you with some suggestions of our own. But first, keep in mind that you should look for mildly flavored food to go along with your coffee cup, this is to avoid losing the coffee taste in your palate.

We believe the most famous coffee mate is pastries. We speak for all the Nicaraguans around the world. And “rosquillas” are the most selected in our country. Rosquillas are artisan corn baked pastries mixed with cheese. They have the shape of a tiny doughnut. but here is a picture for a better description. Rosquillas are the way to go after a heavy workday, especially when all you want is to relax and share your day with your family. And when friends come over, coffee and rosquillas are always offered. this combination is very authentic and popular in each Nicaraguan city. They are very dry so dipping one in your coffee taste so much like home. It’s a similar feeling you have with Oreos and milk. When we, Nicaraguans, drink coffee we look for some pastry to go with it.

You can also pair your coffee with Biscotti other than the famous doughnuts. Maybe this will turn into your newest choice. But keep reading and let us know at the end which delights you the best. Biscotti is available in a variety of flavors as some of them have almond, chocolate, and almond which are very well suited to the drink. These are tasted well especially with an espresso.


And if pastries or any type of bread do not go so good with your diet then try adding a cup of coffee without sugar to your regular breakfast. Some people even take it before their first meal to boost their metabolism. Try it and let us know if it works for you too. But let’s go back to breakfast. Imagine your scrambled eggs with an avocado toast on the side… yummy! Well add some coffee and make your breakfast stand out.

And if you aren’t concerned about pancakes and maple syrup then go ahead and drink some coffee with it. We believe coffee is a must when eating breakfast.

Also, another coffee pairing that we have seen people like are fruits. You can also include coffee to your daily meals with a bowl of your favorite fruits. You cut them in similar sizes, add yogurt and some granola and you have made yourself a healthy breakfast. And coffee will be there to get you ready for the day to come so don’t forget to add it to your meal.

As you can see you can pair your coffee with the meal you most like. Or if you are a coffee lover, just like our family, then just take your cup or mug and drink it with or without food wherever you go. Our family is the type that takes at least 2 cups a day. But remember to always drink enough clear water to keep you hydrated, and that is one of our family’s secret to keeping beauty alive.

One quick tip before you go, check the water you are using to make your coffee because it can ruin or improve your coffee taste. Remember water is the main ingredient you add to your coffee.