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What is Specialty Coffee? 

Thank you for all of the support from our first video! We at La Dalia Coffee are so excited to be of service and bring you delicious tasting specialty coffee for you to enjoy! Which, speaking of, we got a lot of questions asking what exactly is specialty coffee or specialty grade coffee? 

So, what is Specialty or Specialty Grade Coffee? 

As you know already, our coffee is brought to you right in the U.S. from our farm in Nicaragua, but specialty coffee isn’t just a phrase, it is actually a standard that is recognized worldwide! 

Who Decides What is Considered a Specialty Brew? 

There is in fact an organization called The Specialty Coffee Organization. Through this organization, they test out and try coffees. If a product rates higher than 80 points that is what is known as specialty coffee. Which is exactly what you get from us, at La Dalia Coffee, 85+ scored coffee!   Contact us today to create your very own coffee subscription with us!

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Video Transcription:

Hello. I’m Lindsay Altamirano with La Dalia Coffee. And as you know, we bring our specialty coffee to you right here in the US from our farm in Nicaragua.


But a lot of people ask us what is specialty coffee? Well, it’s not some word we make up. In fact, it’s a standard that is recognized worldwide and set by an organization called the Specialty Coffee Association. They have people who are certified as, what are called cue graders that grade your coffee through a very rigorous process to determine if it scores 80 points or above. And if it does, you have specialty coffee.


And that’s what we have here at La Dalia. Our coffee scores 85 points and above, making it delicious to drink every morning.


So stay tuned because we’re releasing a video series all about specialty coffee, and how we get our La Dalia coffee to be specialty grade. All the way from elevation, soils, how the coffee is picked, processing, all the way here to the United States.


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