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About Us

The La Dalia Coffee Story

A bag of La Dalia Coffee contains more than just coffee beans. It holds the Altamirano family’s hard-won vision.

It was a love formed in Argentina when a young Haroldo met Martha. The would-be lawyer fell hard for the would-be doctor. After marrying, they decided to live in Martha's native Nicaragua and purchase a coffee farm.
Since 1987, the Altamirano family has grown coffee in the stunning, misty wilds of the Peñas Blancas Massif Natural Reserve, a landscape known for its natural white stones.

Along the way, the Altamirano family faced numerous challenges –both natural and man-made – but persevered to regain their rightful place in your coffee mug.

Grown in rich, virgin soil at nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, the dual farm operation (La Flor and Argentina) is still run by Haroldo and ‘overseen’ by Martha, who passed in 2009. Haroldo’s cocoa bean plants provide not only a gentle shade for the coffee crops but infuse the beans with a unique cocoa essence that enrich the coffee’s flavor.

Since 2017, Haroldo and Martha’s son, Ernesto, has become a large part of the family's business and brings the coffee straight from the farm to the United States.

When you purchase La Dalia Coffee, you are getting a product grown on a family-run farm in an environmentally safe and ethically sound manner. Of all the coffee grown in Nicaragua, 95% comes from small family-owned farms such as the Altamiranos’. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the delicious result of our family’s dream.